This work presented for the show Not So Public Assembly made in association with the National Gallery Lodnon is a multi-faceted performance work on a hand-tufted rug that will act as the stage for the performance. The shape of a cut-down tree trunk that the rug takes is meant to evoke the colonial, imperialist undertones of the National Gallery’s collection, the European countries that are represented in it and their contribution to deforestation and extraction of other natural resources from indigenous cultures in North and South America. She will perform for a room of portraits in the Spain room of the National Gallery. Her use of craft-based art, in the form of tufting, comments on the lack of it represented in the gallery and the issues the art world has with seeing this primarily female based practice as ‘high art’ and shines a light on the shockingly low amount of women of artists represented in the collection.

Subyugación Amorosa (Loving Subjugation) [Iteration I], 2021